Concert planning at Sifnos
Organizing pottery exhibition in Sifnos
Organizing pottery exhibition in Sifnos
Event organizer in Sifnos
Exhibition planning at Sifnos

Cultural events

Sifnos, “the island of poets”, hosts many different cultural events every summer, most of them organized by volunteers and associations, some of them also from different artists or artisans.

If you are an artist or an association or a company looking for the person who can handle all the practical issues on Sifnos, the date, the place, the technical equipment needed, the setting, the coordinating of the day, you are looking at the most suitable site!

We have worked for and organized many different cultural events like art exhibitions (photography, painting, sculpture and pottery), food festivals, concerts with different kinds of music, folk dancing events.

We will be happy to talk about the one you have in mind and make it happen in Sifnos!