Wedding planning in Sifnos

Most people don’t need an event planner for their wedding.
But you are not most people, are you?

And your wedding is not going to be the one most people have. It is going to be the one most people don’t even dream about!

If this is the case, if you have something special, unusual, off the beaten track or extraordinary in mind, you have just found the people who will make your dream come true.

  • If “it is not just the wedding” but more days of activities
  • If “it is just the two of us”
  • If finding “your local friend on the island” is important
  • If you are too busy or too far away or a bit insecure

Let us take care of everything from scratch till after the wedding.

We are here to perfectly arrange everything that has to be arranged from venue to transport, preparation of the bride, decoration, photography, music, pre and after wedding gatherings and anything else you can think of, even if you haven’t been to Sifnos before!