Capers in an alley
Walking around Apollonia in Sifnos
Cheese making demonstration in Sifnos
Cheese making demonstration in Sifnos
Traditional sweet making demonstration in Sifnos
A church in Pano Petali
Traditional sweet making demonstration in Sifnos
View at Artemonas in Sifnos
A field in Artemonas, Sifnos
A paved alley in Artemonas
A wild artichoke in Sifnos
Walking from Artemonas to Apollonia

Walking food tour in Sifnos

Have you ever tasted a sweet "submarine"?
How many sweets do you know with anise flavor?
Did you know that a pie can help you find something you have lost?
Do you still believe that ouzo and retsina represent Greece?

We would love to destroy some myths about food and build up some new ones!

We will scroll around the central villages of Apollonia and Artemonas tasting local specialties and original Greek flavors while talking about agriculture, recipes connected to customs and religious beliefs, origins of foods, everyday cooking and ways to preserve fresh products.

We will meet local pastry men and women, bakers, cooks and cheesemakers and we will realize the huge difference in quality, the importance of selected ingredients and the effects of food in people health, mentality and social life.

...After all you are at the birthplace of the most famous Greek cook, Nikolaos Tselementes!

The guided tour includes some walking through the central villages, often stops and treats where we also talk about food, cooking and local habits, meeting locals in their everyday life, tasting for free or buying local products to take home, and lunch or dinner at the end of the tour with Greek “meze” menu, served the Greek way. At the beginning you will be offered a traditional cotton bag to fill it up with different local snacks!

The duration of the tour is about 4 hours, including the meal and can start either at 11.00 from Artemonas ending at around 14.00 in Apollonia, or start at 18.00 from Apollonia ending at around 22.00 in Artemonas.

Reviews from the guided tours in Sifnos
Reviews from the guided tours in Sifnos