Orthodox wedding at Sifnos
Romantic at Sifnos
Romantic wedding at Sifnos
Jewish wedding at Sifnos
Jewish wedding at Sifnos
Wedding reception venue in Sifnos
Catholic marriage at Sifnos
Orthodox wedding in Sifnos
Wedding reception venue in Sifnos
Marriage at Sifnos
Orthodox wedding in Sifnos
Happy bride in Sifnos wedding
Baptism in Sifnos
Christening ceremony in Sifnos
Marriage at Sifnos
Bride transfer with a traditional wooden boat
Wedding at Panagia Poulati Sifnos
Wedding at a picturesque chapel at Sifnos
Going to the church with traditional music players
Wedding party in Sifnos
Limousine for the trasfer of the bride in Sifnos
Marriage at Sifnos
Marriage at Sifnos
Wedding in Sifnos
Religious wedding in Sifnos
Wedding by the sea at Sifnos
Wedding at Panagia Chrissopigi in Sifnos

Orthodox Wedding

It is possible any day of the week except for Wednesdays and Fridays, in all our churches (we have 237 on Sifnos), so without a doubt we will find the one you will love!
In order to have an orthodox wedding we need at least one of you to be an Orthodox Christian and the other one a Christian, baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
This kind of wedding requires carefully prepared paperwork and we will be happy to make the load of papers seem... friendlier! If you follow the unflexible procedure and the registration part with Church and Greek State Authorities, the wedding is official, globally recognized and valid.

Catholic Wedding

A catholic wedding is only possible in a few Cycladic islands because of Catholic Church restrictions. In Sifnos, where there is only one active catholic church, a catholic wedding is possible only if you own property on the island and preferably if you bring your own priest!

Jewish Wedding

It is possible between Jewish, it is official and valid, held by the Rabbis. It can be at any place but a church and the paperwork is taken care by the Jewish Authorities.


Only orthodox baptisms are possible in Sifnos. In order to have one we need at least one of the parents to be an Orthodox, the couple has to be married and the godfather/godmother needs to be an Orthodox too. Baptisms can be held only in churches and the paperwork needed is easy to deal with. In case of siblings we can have one ceremony for more than one child.