Marriage at Sifnos
Bride transfer with a traditional wooden boat
Wedding at Panagia Poulati Sifnos
Wedding at a picturesque chapel at Sifnos
Going to the church with traditional music players
Wedding party in Sifnos
Limousine for the trasfer of the bride in Sifnos
Marriage at Sifnos
Marriage at Sifnos
Wedding in Sifnos
Religious wedding in Sifnos
Wedding by the sea at Sifnos
Wedding at Panagia Chrissopigi in Sifnos

Orthodox & Catholic wedding

Religious weddings are accepted between Christians and require carefully prepared paperwork. We will be happy to make the load of papers seem... friendlier!

They are held inside churches and nowhere else and they are official and globally recognized as long as you follow the registration procedure with Greek Authorities.

Orthodox Wedding

It is possible any day of the week, in all our churches and we have 237 on Sifnos, so without a doubt we will find the one you will love! In order to have an orthodox wedding we need at least one of you to be an Orthodox Christian and the other one a Christian, baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Catholic Wedding

A catholic wedding is only possible in a few Cycladic islands because of Catholic Church restrictions. Since in Sifnos you can’t have one, Sifnos Events can organize a catholic wedding in Tinos island, where it is allowed.

Tinos is an island with a mixed faith population (Orthodox and Catholic) and many catholic churches to choose from. You can even have both ceremonies, a Catholic and an Orthodox, the one after the other, in churches next to each other! The catholic ceremony in Tinos can be done in different languages too.

We can make your catholic wedding come true in the same friendly yet very professional way of Sifnos Events, on an island which is really “catholic friendly”, with a local planner coordinating your dream!

Full & partial wedding planning

Let us take care of everything and arrange everything from scratch till the morning after the ceremony!
Either because you are too far away to control things, or too busy or a bit insecure about trusting many people you don't know, we are here to perfectly arrange everything from paperwork to the venue, the church, catering or restaurant, make-up and hairstylist, transport, decoration, photography, videography and music, pre or after wedding gatherings and anything else you can think of even if you have never visited Sifnos before!

You have already arranged some basic and/or important things for your event but you need somebody for the aspects you can't cover?
We will get involved only for the part of the event you need help with and will arrange for you the services you find difficult to deal with.

On the spot for the Day!

Have you already arranged and booked everything yourselves – or going to – and need somebody to coordinate and supervise the whole project in order for you to be sure that things will go as planned?
We know that some of you want to do everything themselves. We know that after planning such a demanding event you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the results of your hard work. We also know that if you have many guests and many suppliers, the last thing you need is the stressful task of putting everything and everybody together.
Let us be “on the spot for the Day”.
We will be right there, to guarantee that the day will be just as you have dreamt and planned.