Unofficial wedding ceremony in Sifnos
Unofficial wedding ceremony in Sifnos
Ceremony between gays in Sifnos

Unofficial Ceremonies

Unofficial ceremonies can be held between two adults of any sex, religion and nationality, there is no paperwork involved and there is no change in the legal status of the couple.


If you don’t want to go through the paperwork procedure.
If you have reasons to officially get married at your place.
If you have already been married but you want to... do it again with your loving partner (renew your vows).
If you have a special engagement, or proposal in mind.
If you want to celebrate your love again.
We will be happy to suggest and arrange a special event, especially for you, your sweetheart and your guests – if any – anywhere on Sifnos, with or without a celebrant, the way you have dreamt it, something to remember for the rest of your life!