Photograph seminar for children in Sifnos
Seminar planning at Sifnos
Workshops at Sifnos

Educational Events

We know that “Greek Cycladic Islands” means sea and sun and endless holidays! But... a great way to learn is through activities you like and you love, in an environment that inspires you, combining holidays and learning in a fun, relaxed way.

We can offer a very special, tailor made, educational, and fun holiday program which combines knowledge, creation and creativity, history and tradition, activities in Nature, interactive workshops and Art, with vacations on an extraordinary island of Cyclades.

History and Mythology, Food and Agricultural Products, Natural Environment with herbs, protected species and special geology, Traditional Crafts like weaving and pottery, Cycladic Architecture, Music, Theatre, Folk Dances and of course Greek Language, become part of interactive workshops, group activities and special presentations. Through flexible planning and various choices which can be combined differently, every group is able to create its unique, exclusive, personalized program.

The program can be adjusted to ages, interests, nationalities, can be planned for adults or children and teenagers, it is possible to include (or exclude) accommodation choices, meals, transportation on the island, equipment and materials needed for the activities, visits to other islands for a day or two, specialization and focus on specific group interests.